lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008

Cooperativism from Multi-Agent Systems

How does cooperation builds? What does Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) has to say to this respect? There are certainly cooperative equilibrium states for some MAS or Game scenarios with Markovian behaviour. From a sociosemiotical point of view this could be interpreted as the possibility of Analytical Approaches -modernist approaches- to coopertivism. But under certain conditions, cooperation in MAS only develops out of Non-Markovian resources; this implies that Historical Approaches -traditionalist approaches- are necessary for building cooperative behaviour. MAS approaches to cooperativism has been used mostly as a defence for neoliberal Market Economy and Politics, which is understood as a 'highly' Markovian behaviour. Non-Markovian approaches to cooperativism in this scenario has one thing to say: market is not strictly Markovian given the use of multiple history based behaviour. To neoliberal economicists this means: not everything is 'market', and to anti-neoliberal says: 'market' can also appropiate 'historical' data.
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